I went from leading design teams in tech to pursing art and creative projects full-time, with some investing and advising on the side. The common thread between what I do is finding ways to increase human connection.

Talking about friendship, painting words onto clothing, I want to make it easier for us to understand one another - to discover each other and our selves.

Briefest of Work Histories

Head of Payments Design at Stripe

Head of Design at Coinbase

Product Designer at Facebook

Design Director at PopCap Games

Public Speaking

Ignite Talks

Figma Config

TEDxCulver Academy

Ethereum Devcon

(there’s more)

Some Life Milestones

0 - Born in Beijing

3 - Moved to the midwest

5 - [Lonely socially awkward childhood]

11 - Started making websites

12 - First cat (Snowball)

17 - Co-president of anime club

22 - Stint in Shanghai

28 - Moved to San Francisco

29 - First Burning Man

30s - [Awkward adulthood, but so many more friends]

∞ - Become an artist ✨